This page has been created to Allow a select few new and/or unknown Authors, to offer their Books to you via the internet. These books are usually in their first printing and will actually be purchased from the Authors of the book themselves.


(1.) "Dancing at the Frog Hop" written by Birdie Heerlein.

This book was written for St. Joseph, Missouri local residents, past and present. It gives a very complete narration of the history and creation of one of St. Joseph's most beloved, Ballrooms. As well as a brief Frogge family history. Can you believe that Lawrence Welk's band was at one time too small to play at the Hop?

Hard Backed/ 204 pages with reprints of post cards and pictures of the original Frog Hop as well as the 2nd. Anyone who grew up in St. Joseph Missouri and surrounding areas, from the 1930's to the late 1970's knows of the Frog Hop Ballroom.

Price $25.00 includes postage and handling. For Priority or FedEx, add $10.00.  Mrs. Heerlein and Mr. Heerlein have both passed away. Her books are still available from their son Harvey.

  To order Dancing At The Frog Hop. Please send a check or money order made payable to Harvey Heerlein and send to:

   Harvey Heerlein
   4004 Pickett Rd.
   St. Joseph, Mo. 64503

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